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Synergetics will help achieve business transformation by enabling learning businesses and operations to transform into an online business and service provider. Learning as a Service will involve deployment of a dedicated instance of Microsoft Open edX LMS along with the available content.

Synergetics shall manage the deployment as well as the infrastructure and provide executive support along with managed services for delivery of learning through the platform.

The tools used will be Open edX and Microsoft Azure. The deployment can be hosted in the partner’s Microsoft Azure subscription or can be hosted by Synergetics. We shall provide for customization of the layout, include your own courses, drive technology adoption as per your learning strategy.

 Synergetics -Cloud infrastructure management services will help design, build, run and manage your IT infrastructure for the Open edX dedicated instance. It will provide affordable proactive cloud management and support to grow your learning business.

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“LaaS platform enables your Learning Operations to grow Exponentially and Globally.”


Synergetics online "LaaS" offering is powered by content developed and supported by Microsoft engineering, making the courses deeply integrated with the Microsoft product vision and depth.

Synergetics offers the content in 2 unique delivery models online Certification, "LaaS" enterprise model providing scale of large readiness and configured for deep technical learning.




Components of Synergetics LaaS


LaaS is a platform that is enriched by Microsoft learning content

Educators can extend the platform to build learning tools that precisely meet their needs

Institutions can host their own instances and offer their own classes and content

Microsoft Azure as deployment platform

An Online Learning Management System powered by Microsoft Open edX







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Enterprise Partner readiness on Open EDX - Case Study


Microsoft Enterprise Partner Readiness Team has come up expressing a challenge of delivering training for large number of Employees of their Partners. They would like to deliver this training program with flexibility and pace of the participant’s choice. They would prefer the courses to be structured and pre-defined.

Synergetics has proposed Learning as a Service with Managed Services for learning delivery as a Solution to address the above Challenge. Within this engagement of providing Learning as a Service the Platform will be Customized.


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Synergetics is a “Born in the CLOUD” multi services company providing services to help Small-Medium Enterprises grow faster by modernizing data centers and Applications involving adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies as Business Accelerators.

Incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in MUMBAI, India, Synergetics has 50+ specialists. Synergetics provides services for modernizing data centers by implementing hybrid cloud which propels enterprises in their IT-as-a-Service journey which enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative.

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