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Infrastructure Solution
  Infrastructure Workloads –
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  Cloud Infrastructure
  App Innovation
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Infrastructure Solution


  Infrastructure Workloads


  Cloud Infrastructure


  App Innovation and migration



Data Center Modernization: Gain Flexibility, Speed, and Agility

Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. To support this, IT must transform as well. Synergetics enables organizations to manage and run consistent infrastructure and operations across data centers and public clouds that deliver applications with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth.


Application Modernization Bringing new life to legacy systems

With 70 percent of the typical corporation’s global transactions running on legacy applications shifting to New IT is not easy feat.

Our application modernization services help IT leaders strip out unnecessary operating costs—reducing capital spending and freeing staff for new strategic and revenue-generating initiatives. We help address critical questions, such as whether to migrate, re-platform or remediate legacy applications.

Ultimately, we add value from existing applications while reducing costs, limiting disruptions and decreasing risk. The outcome transforms legacy applications to achieve high performance.


Datacenter Modernization Solution

  • Hybrid Cloud Solution

  • Storage Solution

  • Backup & Recovery Solution

  • Dev & Test

  • Compute

  • Dev Ops Solution

  • Network Solution


Application Modernization Solution

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Analytics

  • Mobility

  • Web

  • Internet Of Things [IOT]


Analyze and Migrate your workloads with speed and accuracy

Analyze and Migrate- Move your workloads with speed and accuracy to the right configuration on Microsoft Azure in just few clicks in few easy steps.

Based on static code analysis, configuration data, and development team interaction, CloudPilot provides a deep and detailed analysis of applications and their readiness to migrate to a Cloud environment. CloudPilot assists in the initial assessment of the Cloud migration effort; in the re-factoring process by offering detailed code-level changes for the Cloud; and in the final testing against enterprise control frameworks. CloudPilot scans the application source code and uses configuration data to provide a detailed report of code-level changes to modernize your applications for the cloud. For applications that have already been remitted and are considered Cloud-ready, CloudPilot scans the Cloud-enabled applications to ensure that they follow best practices and meet enterprise IT Controls and Cyber security policies.



Assess your On-premise workloads for migration to Azure, with the Azure Migrate service.

The Azure Migrate service assesses on-premises workloads for migration to Azure. The service assesses the migration suitability of on-premises machines, performs performance-based sizing, and provides cost estimations for running on-premises machines in Azure. If you're contemplating lift-and-shift migrations, or are in the early assessment stages of migration, this service is for you. After the assessment, you can use services such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Database Migration Service, to migrate the machines to Azure.



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Datacenter Modernization

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About Synergetics

Synergetics is a “Born in the CLOUD” multi services company providing services to help Small-Medium Enterprises grow faster by modernizing data centers and Applications involving adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies as Business Accelerators.

Incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in MUMBAI, India, Synergetics has 50+ specialists. Synergetics provides services for modernizing data centers by implementing hybrid cloud which propels enterprises in their IT-as-a-Service journey which enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative.

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