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About Client

An Indian multinational pharmaceutical company. It is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies by revenue globally. It has a deep-rooted commitment to drive cutting-edge research and build world-class capabilities in manufacturing, supply chain and commercialization to meet the pressing needs in medical care. He has established a well-balanced global business in both advanced and developing markets.


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  • Secure Modern applications

  • Detailed transparency & Improved Governance

  • Optimize your Operations, productivity and cost of ownership

  • Latest standards and compatibility

  • Reduce Implementation Failure & Certificate Updates

Business Case

The organization has a site for each of their formulated medicinal product. These websites are developed by different product teams for the digital marketing initiatives. These were deployed on Azure cloud for the required elasticity. The websites were developed by different vendors & were part of different Azure App Service plan. the websites were scattered across multiple data center in the same region. These were becoming an operational overhead to the IT team. Due to this there arised a need of security to be provided across all the websites, reduce operational cost and provide operational efficeincy.



The Solution

Web applications are increasingly targets of malicious attacks that exploit common known vulnerabilities. Common among these exploits are SQL injection attacks, cross site scripting attacks to name a few. Preventing such attacks in application code can be challenging and may require rigorous maintenance, patching and monitoring at many layers of the application topology. An Application gateway for website consolidation & to enable web application firewall feature was recommended, as this makes security management much simpler and gives better assurance to application administrators against threats or intrusions. A WAF solution can also react to a security threat faster by patching a known vulnerability at a central location versus securing each of individual web applications.



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