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"A Travel & Tours company has been lovingly nurtured from a single seed
to create a unique travel experience for all kinds of travelers.
Our journey so far, has truly been an incredible one!"





About Customer

A Travel & Tours company started in 2013 with a vision to make travel affordable. The founders of A Travel & Tours company, with their decades of industry experience, knew very well that technologies, like analytics, would have enormous influence on this goal. Hence, since inception, A Travel & Tours company worked on developing the right technologies for the industry. The company built its business on Azure platform, using Virtual Machines to address their IT needs. The reason to go with cloud was that, even as a startup, A Travel & Tours company wanted to be able to process vast number of transactions, and hence wanted to ensure scalability. The company’s website and their ITMS Application (ERP solution) were hosted on Azure Virtual Machines. A Travel & Tours company also adopted Exchange Server 2013 to handle their communication needs. The database of A Travel & Tours company was also maintained on Azure VM. Azure was the perfect platform for the company as it eased out the enormous upfront expense associated with IT infrastructure and enabled them to migrate to a predictable monthly installment model. Furthermore, as it was a fully maintained infrastructure, A Travel & Tours company did not have to shed money for maintenance. This also meant that their focus will remain where it matters, their core business.

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Better Performance: This was a major requirement for A Travel & Tours company and now, with the web farm setup of Azure, they have high performance at their disposal. This ensured reduced processing time.

High Availability: With Azure Always On Availability Groups ensuring high availability round the clock, the worry about availability is put to rest.

Cost: Had A Travel & Tours company gone ahead with the 16 core, 112GB RAM virtual machine, as they had originally planned, they would have incurred a huge cost, and the VM would not be underused most of the time. Now, they have the adequate performance at an affordable cost.

Business Case

As the company grew and business increased, some bottlenecks came into the picture. A crucial obstruction was the lag in their website. During peak travel seasons, when customers flocked into A Travel & Tours company’s website, it failed to meet the load and slowed down. Correspondingly, A Travel & Tours company’s internal team developed a more advanced ITMS application and it was also not performing at its optimal speed. Due to this performance bottleneck, the company was concerned about the downtimes during the peak season, which would be undesirable. Similarly, there was the question of database availability and management. The worry of data loss resulting from a database crash was becoming another pain point for the company.


The Solution

“After we did a thorough analysis of A Travel & Tours company’s existing infrastructure, their product and application architecture, internal communications infrastructure, and database management, it became clear that a virtual machine of such a high specification was not necessary,” says Kedar Ghanekar, AVP-Delivery (Cloud Services) & Lead Consultant – Data Services of Synergetics. Instead, Synergetics proposed a few upgrades and changes that would efficiently address all the bottlenecks of A Travel & Tours company, while ensuring that the associated cost would remain in check.

Synergetics recommended a dedicated database server for ITMS applications. Additionally, a proposal was made to replace Exchange Server 2013 with Office 365.
Additionally, to ensure high availability of databases, Synergetics suggested an Always-On SQL server setup. The reason for this was that, the AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature on Azure VM’s provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring.

Upgrade of IT Infrastructure through Microsoft Azure platform

Introduced in SQL Server 2012, AlwaysOn Availability Groups maximizes the availability of a set of user databases for an enterprise. It supports a failover environment for a discrete set of user databases, known as availability databases that failover together. It also supports a set of read-write primary databases and one to four sets of corresponding secondary databases. Optionally, secondary databases can be made available for read-only access and/or some backup operations.

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