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Migration of on Premise Data Center to Cloud

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The Enterprise Group is a global business conglomerate with diverse interests in Pharma, Financial Services, Healthcare Information Management, Real Estate and Glass Packaging. The Group has offices in over 30 countries and a global brand presence in more than 100 markets.

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  • Improved agility & Increased elasticity

  • Improved quality, Security & efficiency

  • Better Redundancy and resiliency

  • Reduce Implementation Failure, Reflections and Recovery Time

  • Optimizing productivity and cost of ownership

  • Optimize your Operations

  • latest standards and compatibility

  • Detailed transparency & Improved Governance

Business Case

The enterprise had begun the cloud journey with the websites being migrated to Azure. The initiative was driven by their various product marketing teams and they had experienced the benefits of the elasticity. Over a time of two years they had provisioned 25+ websites and were in thoughts to move the on-premise workloads. During the discussion with the Corp IT team it was revealed that a shadow IT has happened.

The enterprise needed a cost optimization to be carried out so that they can move the on-Premise workloads in a planned manner.


The Solution

The importance of cloud adoption framework and its guidance for implementation was explained to the leadership team. An inventory of the resources provisioned on the azure was prepared. The plan for rationalization of the resource footprint was prepared. The verification of the landing zone was planned, these were predominantly focused on the security controls & governance so that a minimum vaiable governance architecture was implemented. The cost optimization plan was prepared for the current resource deployment and the cost savings were significant.

For workload migration an application migration plan was prepared stating phases of Application Assessment, Migration Strategy & implementation. The assessment phase involved of eliciting information about the application components, its technology stack, deployment architecture, application dependencies, the user base, the performance need and other non functional requirements. Based on the assessment separate migration strategies were suggested for each workloads. The re-hosting application strategy for Windows & Linux server VMs was adopted for non-critical workloads. Also a re-factoring for SQL server was recommended and adopted for a specific websites workload.

The deployment architecture was designed with the right sized SKUs to meet the SLA and the performance of the application. A BCDR plan was also prepared as it was one of the outcomes and the motivation for the migration. A plan for elasticity was also shared during the planning phase. A Cost estimate was provided for each workload and the resource tagging plan with various cost alerts were also planned.

Post the deployment of the first workload the migration plan was optimized to further reduce the migration timeframe..

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Synergetics is a “Born in the CLOUD” multi services company providing services to help Small-Medium Enterprises grow faster by modernizing data centers and Applications involving adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies as Business Accelerators.

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