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Planning, Assessment and Discovery Workshop

Modernize your Datacenter efficiently by assessing your on-premise footprint & planning an effective journey to the Cloud

Important aspect to success in cloud journey is effective planning. This workshop helps customer define cloud strategy. Workshop takes holistic approach by covering many areas that are essential to cloud computing including governance, security, finance, and transformation planning.

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Cloud Datacenter Design

Design a cost efficient high performance, scalable & secured modern datacenter

Synergetics help organizations reimagine business processes, make decisions faster, and personalize customer experiences through Machine learning, Predictive Analytics, Power BI

With the arrival of public cloud, many IT Pros want to explore modernization and datacenter transformation options for Compute, storage, networking with the Public cloud.

At Context, we can help you Modernize your datacenter and reduce your expenditures on what is typically the most costly component of your IT budget. We do it by rationalizing, consolidating, and pruning servers, applications, and data centers to eliminate waste, redundancy, and underutilization.

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Technology & App Innovation

Modernize Application to use the power of Cloud

Application modernization involves Lift & refit, rearchitecting, refactoring, re-platforming and re-purposing of legacy applications to align it more closely with new business needs and technology trends like SaaS Model. Synergetics application architecting services can be used for modernizing applications into a cloud native applications. We specialise in Identity & Access Management, IoT, Mobility, Web and Analytics.

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Cloud Infrastructure Architecting

Architect your Cloud Infrastructure for efficiency & effectiveness

Organization are competing hard to stay on the top of the market and also to improve ROI. IT Infrastructure is the foundation platform for healthy business operations and Digital Transformation. We Design Data Centre for Solution including Back up & recovery solution, Storage solution, Network solution & Hybrid Cloud Solution.

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Cloud Technical Consulting

Seek out our technical consultant for sound technical Advice

Technical Consulting Services is a key differentiator for Context. Context offers technical consulting to leading software services organizations, Our services lead to SDLC process transformation to improve performance of applications, increase effectiveness of software delivery, reduce costs of Bug Fixes and improve overall customer satisfaction.
In the role of a trusted advisor, Context Technical Consultant become a part of software delivery teams to offer technical advice on host of technologies to ensure that the software delivered implements the all the power & features available in technology and also incorporate the implementation level best & next practices.

Technical Advice | Performance Tuning | Code Optimization | Code Reviews | Technical Interventions.

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About Synergetics

Synergetics is a “Born in the CLOUD” multi services company providing services to help Small-Medium Enterprises grow faster by modernizing data centers and Applications involving adoption of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud technologies as Business Accelerators.

Incorporated in 2004 and headquartered in MUMBAI, India, Synergetics has 50+ specialists. Synergetics provides services for modernizing data centers by implementing hybrid cloud which propels enterprises in their IT-as-a-Service journey which enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative.

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